As an initiator, founder, and owner of this law firm, Dr. Martin Suryana, S.H, M.Hum is an advocate and legal consultant who has integrity, professionalism, ambition, and strong-idealism in the context of the law enforcement process in Indonesia. Martin Suryana is famously-known around the community following his 20 years of experience in law field. He has been working and handling various legal matters nationally and internationally. Martin Suryana got his bachelor's degree in Universitas Surabaya’s faculty of law with cum laude predicate.

Then, he continued his master’s degree at Universitas Surabaya and completed his study faster than normal with summa cum laude predicate and also best graduates honor. Not only did he get a predicate in his bachelor's and master’s degree but also in his doctorate degree taken at the Universitas Airlangga with cum laude predicate as well as an appreciation from Indonesian World Record Museum. Those achievements proved his capabilities in applying the theory of law on various case handling. Besides being active as a law practitioner, Martin Suryana also dedicates his knowledge by teaching in several universities.

He is also actively contributing to various conferences and scientific research nationally and internationally. Moreover, he is also certified as an Indonesian liquidator, receiver, and administrator. He is actively contributing in various professional organizations such as the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), Indonesian Liquidator Profession Association (PPLI), Indonesian Receivers, Administrators Association (HKPI), and also recorded as a member of International Bar Association (IBA).

Martin Suryana

Managing Partner of Martin Suryana & Associates