• Labour Law

    Dispute settlement through the Industrial Relations Court and negotiations in bipartite and tripartite forums, as well as other labor cases, are a part of this law firm's services. This law firm is supported by several teams / legal experts who have experience in human resource development and access to several labor organizations.

  • Personal Law

    Personal law issues including individual and family issue are part of our services, especially inheritance law with all civil law aspects. Various problems in the field of marriage that can lead to legal issues as well as local and international adoption problems are also part of our services. Furthermore, this law firm collaborates with various marital consultant institutions.

  • Land Law

    Various issues on the rights of land disputes along with many aspects of the land sector are also part of our services including access to related land institutions.

  • The Execution of Court Decision

    This law firm has experience in handling technical and non-technical aspects related to the execution process such as the execution of an auction and the execution of vacating a property.

  • Bankruptcy & Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations

    This Law firm has litigation experience in the Commercial Court, both representing as a petitioner as well as applicant and experience on handling suspension of debt payment obligations cases with all its legal aspects. We have a team of receivers and administrators who are certified and registered on the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia and also an extensive network of receivers in Indonesia.

  • Business & Investment Law

    We have a lot of experience in solving business problems such as banking, insurance, finance, foreign and local investment, capital markets, business competition and etc. since law and business are inseparable from each other.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    We also provide services on cases concerning the protection of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs, and Layout-Design of Integrated Circuits with various legal aspects in the Commercial Court in Indonesia.

  • The Civil Case and Corporate Crime

    This law firm is an expert on various aspects of civil and criminal law, especially those related to corporations both on a national and multinational scale. Our expertise in handling civil and corporate crime cases is fully supported by experts who are competent in their fields, especially in the field of Financial Crime, Economic Crime, and Corporate Crime. Moreover, every year we are always appointed as one of the invited speakers in the International Symposium on Economic Crime held by the University of Cambridge, UK. In addition, we are also affiliated with several law faculties from various universities in Indonesia and abroad.

  • Processing Legal Documents

    All forms of legal document processing related to the registration and licensing for the establishment of business entities (CV, PT, and Foundations), the establishment of representative offices, PMA, and PMDN arrangements are also part of this law firm's services.

  • Start Up Company Establishment

    This law firm strives to adjust to the development of the business world, especially in the digital and technological scopes. As a new company, legal assistance such as license, taxation, employment, legal protection of technological content, and intellectual works that must be legally protected are needed. Legal experts from the millennial generation are ready to back up the establishment of a start-up company as needed.

  • Legal Contract Drafting and Legal Document Review

    This law firm is an expert on local and international contract drafting concerning business and non-business issues. We are experts in preparing business contracts in various aspects and interests, also in various sectors such as property, mining, international trade, maritime affairs, agribusiness, plantations, digital information, industry/manufacturing, health services, automotive, and etc. We are also experts in various aspects of legal document review.

  • Legal Opinion and Legal Audit

    It is necessary to prepare a legal opinion based on the legal audit process in order to complete a corporate legal action. Therefore, carefulness and accuracy are needed in the preparation of legal opinions and legal audits. This law firm specializes in preparing legal opinions and legal audits in various aspects and requirements, such as transactions in the sale and purchase of assets in any form, stock transactions, and all legal actions in the corporate scope.

  • Legal Due Diligence in All Aspects

    As a law firm that focuses on handling corporate cases, this law firm is capable in conducting legal due diligence in a professional manner. Legal due diligence is needed for all corporate legal actions such as the acquisition of assets/shares, initial public offering, and legal aspects of a company.

  • Merger, Acquisitions and Corporate Consolidations

    This law firm specializes in the legal aspects of corporations, such as mergers, acquisitions, and company consolidation. This service is supported by several legal experts and this law firm is competent in preparing all documents and legal steps in order to secure mergers, acquisitions, and the consolidation processes of companies.

  • Company Liquidation

    This law firm has several certified liquidators from the Indonesian Professional Liquidator Association (PPLI) who have expertise in the legal process of liquifying a business entity with related legal aspects.

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