MARTIN SURYANA & ASSOCIATES, ADVOCATES & LEGAL CONSULTANTS was built on August 23rd, 2007. For more than a decade, this law firm has actively dedicated itself to enforce the law for the benefit of the community. This Law firm is well-known across the nations and specifically in Surabaya. Since the beginning of its establishment, this firm has been able to prove with capital expertise in the field of law, integrity, and high professionalism, not only as one of the existing law firms but also growing as a large and trustworthy law firm with a positive image in the community.

In line with a development in various fields, MARTIN SURYANA & ASSOCIATES law firm seeks to improve the quality of services in the legal sector. One of the efforts is to do a law firm re-branding with innovations and refreshments in various fields. Our re-branding concept does not only mean renewing identity, but also mean “integrity, powerful, trustable and dependable firm with a high success rate”. The quality improvement of legal services is also conducted to improve the quality and quantity of the human resources. It is also increasing the interaction and intensity of international relationships, increased collaboration between institutions and cooperation with professional organizations and law firms on a national and international scale.