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Dr. Martin Suryana, S.H., M.Hum

Welcome to Martin Suryana & Associates

Martin Suryana & Associates has extensive experience over a decade in legal proceedings and corporate issues settlement in Indonesia. We assist clients both with litigation and non-litigation services. Choosing Martin Suryana & Associates will benefit your business due to our deep understanding of Indonesian legal matters. We offer our best services to all clients and we are ready to solve your legal issues using the smartest, most effective and efficient solutions. Martin Suryana & Associates has an excellent reputation for being powerful, trustable and dependable firm. Most importantly, we put your best interest as our main priority.

Martin Suryana

Managing Partner of Martin Suryana & Associates

What We Do

Our Expertise

Bussiness & Investment Law

We have a lot of experience in solving business problems such as banking, insurance, finance and etc.

Labour Law

Dispute settlement through the Industrial Relations Court and negotiations in bipartite and tripartite forums.

Intellectual Property Rights

We provide services on cases concerning the protection of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Design, and Layout Design of Integrated Circuits.

Legal Contracts Drafting

This law firm is an expert on local and International contract drafting concerning business and non-business issues.

Legal Opinion And Legal Audit

It is necessary to prepare legal opinion based on the legal audit process in order to complete a corporate legal action.

Legal Due Diligence

We are capable of conducting legal due diligence in a professional manner.
Who We Are

Our Team

What Clients Say

Clients Testimonials

Martin Suryana & Associates law firm is a great law office. This law firm has a solid team that care and precisely understand client demands. This law firm's existence as a legal service provider has greatly assisted our company and has always supported our company with the services provided.


We are one of the PMAs in Indonesia, our experience when accompanied by Martin Suryana & Associates lawyer team in dealing with cases are : 1. Mr. Martin Suryana has a solid and reliable team, who has a great understanding of our company problem and know exactly the way to deal with it. Other than that, the team is always updated between other team members. 2. In identifying the problem, the team is very detailed and focused, therefore it can conclude the problem concretely and coherently. 3. Clearly explain the target that needs to be achieved and strategic steps that are tactical and straightforward. 4. Any other convenience is due to the easiness of correspondence until the case solved.


During the legal assistance of Martin Suryana & Associates lawyer, there were lots of new ideas, applicable initiatives, and correct solutions for any problem faced by our company. Their team is also responsive and always flexible to assist our company whenever it is urgently required.


For over 10 years of cooperation with Martin Suryana & Associates, we have received a lot of support, consultation services, and solutions with integrity in every legal issue. Overall, the services given are effective and satisfying.


Thank you for cooperating with us for all these years. We have received great professional legal services. Not only mastering any legal material, being persuasive, and having an organized work, MS Law Firm also has high integrity. We strongly believe that MS Law Firm will always be successful. God bless ...... with regards.


Responsive, timely, Best Legal Advice, and Reasonable. Martin Suryana & Associates is truly responsive in every question given by me as the President Director and my company team. All information and answers were presented correctly and were adjustable to the needs of our company with careful and thoughtful consideration. Also, they provided advice concerning the required legal actions as a legal entity. Hopefully, MS & Associates can develop and become one of the best law firms in Indonesia.


Toko Emas Gadjah Sidoarjo has been working with Martin Suryana & Associates for 10 years. We have received good services such as assisting with various problems and giving alternative solutions for the sake of our company. Martin Suryana and Associates has a vital role in our company and has been proven as a reliable and professional Law Office


We appreciate the services given by Martin Suryana & Associates such as : 1. Clean and representative office. 2. Very good communication with other lawyers. 3. Prompt and responsive answer in solving the problems. Thank you for the cooperation, hopefully, in the future, Martin Suryana & Associates will continue to succeed in advancing the Indonesian legal system.


Based on our experience using lawyer service/legal consultant, Martin Suryana & Associates Law Firm is different from other lawyers / legal consultants. The legal cases that I entrust to Mr. Martin Suryana & team are all handled professionally and satisfactorily! Sincerely wish you all the success for Mr. Martin Suryana and the whole team!


Martin Suryana & Associates has really helped us on: 1. Reviewing D-Net consumer contracts 2. Providing legal advice related to D-Net condition and business


Our working-together experience with Martin Suryana & Associates is getting the best and the most professional legal advice and services. Everything is always done precisely and on time. Hopefully, we can always work and develop together. Thank you for the support, Mr. Martin Suryana & team.


Martin Suryana & Associate Law Firm is very conscientious on mastering the legal material and has high integrity. We wish Martin Suryana & Associates can become more successful and advanced firm.


Our company has been working with Martin Suryana & Associates Law Firm for more than 10 years as our corporate lawyer. We appreciate all kinds of services that has been given to us such as knowledge, consultation, and case handling. We hope Martin Suryana & Associates can become more advanced and successful in the future.


Martin Suryana & Associates is a law firm with the ability to solve legal problems based on the applicable laws and regulations. Mr. Martin Suryana’s team is really helpful and understands our needs accurately and responsively. It is no wonder that our company uses their services to support us, for we are really assisted by Martin Suryana and Associates Law Firm.


The law service provided by Martin Suryana & Associates is very responsive and accurate for our problem. We are satisfied with the law service and hopefully, Martin Suryana & Associates can become an advanced and successful law firm


Having Martin Suryana & Associates as our Legal Consultant really develops the feeling of safety while running the business and in our daily activities. They have also helped us in understanding the law and have given guidance and instruction according to our needs. The renewal and improvement of services make us more confident in becoming a client of MS & Associates. Thank you.


I became familiar with Martin Suryana & Associates from a friend who works as a notary in Surabaya and at that time, I was looking for legal assistance in order to finish a business transaction. For me, a legal assistant needs to understand my character and preference of avoiding the litigation process, a legal assistant must be able to be trusted with my disclosed information, and a legal assistant should not seek personal gain over my case. Based on my experience, I found that this office is suitable for my character, as it is is low profile and provides a flexible consultation schedule. We still have good cooperation, and we hope your office can develop and provide a helpful contribution to society.


Our Success


We are introducing

MS Centre For Law

Our integrity and professionalism in legal sphere is manifested with establishment of MS Centre for Law as an institution with a platform on researches, scientific studies, and community services.